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how is the poets reaction to the sound of the Haka being performed developed throughout the poem? support your answer with language features from the text that show how the haka is more than just a traditional war dance. you might consider… the poets physical response to the haka, the poets emotional response to the haka and the importance of the haka in the writers Maori culture.

The poets reactions to the haka being performed develop throughout the text as they have an affect on his whole body, mind and presence as a whole and this is shown through the use of quotes. At the beginning of the poem the author states “I feel it in my bones and in my wairua”. By saying he feels it in his bones, this suggests that he feels it deep within and we can see that he has a deep connection to the haka. your wairua refers to your spirit and is the non-physical part of you that holds your emotion in character. your spirit within you represents who you are which shows that the haka is part of who he is. The haka for him holds a lot of cultural significance and importance and it is a way of doing something that is historical and has been passed through generations. we can see that the haka is not only significant to just him but also to a whole nation and racial group of people who identify with the same background. as the poem continues on he states that “it is the dance of earth and sky”. This quote shows us that he believes the dance represents his whole world. I know this because the earth and sky are the two physical components of the earth. near the end of the poem the author states that”it is the first breath of life”by saying this it signifies that the haka is very important to him. I know this because your first breath is important for living and with out it you don’t exist. this suggests that he needs and relies on the haka to live and survive. the writer of this poem considers the haka as more than just a dance and has strong cultural ties with it. this dance is what draws groups of people together to share something they all believe in and enjoy. the haka connects everyone together and is a symbol of their heritage and culture.

symbols is a language feature

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